Sc Mira

Waiting Room Baby

The debut EP from Winnipeg folk-pop band Sc Mira is a solid first effort, their short-but-sweet tunes gaining colour and dynamics from lead singer Sadye Cage’s vocals.

While the natural shimmy in Cage’s voice propels Sc Mira’s songs, the arrangements don’t rise to the same level. Opener Move Fast is a hip-swinger that eschews basic verse-chorus-verse structure in favour of a slow rise into slide guitar, but it never quite hits the peak it seems to be aiming for. 

On My Own lands closer to the mark with shuffling drums and a propulsive energy that results in the album’s most immediately satisfying moment. Motel Honey eases into a smooth groove, but the lazy guest feature by rapper Buck 65 is cheesy and pointless. Fortunately, the band rights the ship for ender Do Me. With its catchy chorus and bigger guitars, it nears the heights the band has the potential to reach.

Waiting Room Baby is sparkling and catchy folk-pop, but it’s tough to shake the feeling that Sc Mira could push themselves beyond the confines of studio sharpness into something that better suits the wildness of Cage’s voice.

Top track: Do Me

Sc Mira play the Rivoli on Saturday (June 20) as part of NXNE, Rancho Relaxo on June 21 and Cavern Bar on Monday (June 22).

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