Sci-fi thriller Morgan delivers neither science nor thrills

Terrific cast is wasted in ho-hum artificial being film

MORGAN (Luke Scott). 92 minutes. Opens Friday (September 2). See showtimes. Rating: NN

Labour Day weekend is considered a dumping ground for unpromising films, and pointless sci-fi thriller Morgan fits right in. 

The Witch’s Anya Taylor-Joy plays the title character, an artificially created being who, in the opening sequence, stabs a doctor (Jennifer Jason Leigh, cashing a cheque) in the eye. 

Enter Lee Weathers (Kate Mara), a no-nonsense “corporate risk management consultant” who must interview Morgan and assess whether they should end her – or rather “its” – life. 

Of course, all Morgan’s “friends” – including Game Of Thrones’ Rose Leslie and Hong Kong superstar Michelle Yeoh, both playing doctors in the secluded lab – are cheering for Morgan, until bad shit starts happening.

Neither the characters nor their interactions have any depth. Even Taylor-Joy is given little to do but glower under a hoodie to suggest menace.

Mara’s coolly efficient Weathers knows how to handle the situation, but even that reveals a plot point that comes as no surprise. 

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