SCORNED (Anchor Bay, 2013) D: Mark Jones, w/.

SCORNED (Anchor Bay, 2013) D: Mark Jones, w/ AnnaLynne McCord, Billy Zane. Rating: N Blu-ray package: none Rating: N

I liked Scorned better when it was a different movie called The Loved Ones. There, the crazed torturer was a nerdy high school girl who abducts a hot classmate and works out her twisted prom-night fantasies on him with the help of her loving dad. It had a nasty attitude and a satirical edge.

In Scorned, the nut job is a woman (AnnaLynne McCord) wreaking revenge on the boyfriend (Billy Zane) and best friend (Viva Bianca) who cheated on her. It has a who-cares attitude and all the edge of a dough ball.

McCord yo-yos between folksy charm and barked orders without ever conveying menace or madness, and she might as well be doing it in a vacuum. Zane and Bianca convey as much terror – their only function – as people waiting for a bus.

Shocks and effects are few and ineffective.

Be glad there are no extras, for only sadness comes from watching earnest hype for the likes of Scorned.

EXTRAS English audio. English, Spanish subtitles.

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