Up your Selfie game

Tired of awkward mirror poses and trying to keep your elbows out of your selfies? You're not alone. Entrepreneurs Dorothy.

Tired of awkward mirror poses and trying to keep your elbows out of your selfies? You’re not alone. Entrepreneurs Dorothy Chiu and Jeremy Li, along with six other colleagues, have launched a Richmond Hill studio aptly called Selfies, to help you up your social media game.

The duo says their studio, filled with themed backgrounds, costumes and props, is an alternative to traditional photography sessions. With prices starting at $22, its also a budget option for those striving for a model moment.

Each session provides users with a DSLR camera and an unlimited number of images you can store on a USB stick (provided by you). Consider it the self-serve checkout of photography, with users printing their own images. The unlimited number of images leaves room to work your angles, though: One customer took 470 photos in an hour, so better prepare your Instagram followers for the flood youll be unleashing.

Critics could argue that the studio doesnt produce real selfies, Li is quick to offer rebuttal, saying For people who say, Thats not a selfie, we say a selfie is the act of taking the photo yourself and having a controlled environment. Low-quality cameras [like those on phones] dont make it a selfie.

Chiu says the business idea was inspired by self-photography studios she and Li visited on a recent trip to Hong Kong. Everyone likes to take selfies. We wanted to bring that experience back to the GTA, explains Chiu.

But does a unique experience, a dose of novelty and lower price tag pay off for the lack of professional talent a traditional photographer can provide? The duo thinks so, saying customers have shared feedback about the creative, collaborative experience theyve enjoyed.

The recent Schulich grads, who opened the doors to Selfies in January, are already scheming for the future. Chiu sees expansion on the horizon, and while she acknowledges it is far off, she mentions relocating downtown, since a large portion of Selfies clientele are students.


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