Several Futures

Narrative Collapse (independent)

Rating: NNNN

New Toronto post-punk trio Several Futures deliver a satisfying dose of energized, heavy guitar rock on their six-song debut EP. Made up of long-time indie scene supporters and former Republic of Safety members Evan Davies and Jonathan Bunce (also of Wavelength), plus Hybrid Moments’ Matt Nish-Lapidus, the three-piece isn’t afraid to make noise, especially evident on album closer Thatcher In The Rye, which churns with gloom before descending into seriously abrasive, agitated punk.

Their guitar-bass-drums-vocals set-up keeps things minimal, elemental and old-school, reminiscent of mathy 90s American indie rock and post-hardcore. Nish-Lapidus’s clean singing voice is a highlight – he’s able to holler and intone with passion and conviction while always remaining tuneful, intelligible and even friendly in tone. Asymmetric drum patterns and rhythms, quick shifting structures and loud-soft guitar lines full of dissonance keep band and listener on their toes.

Top track: Thatcher In The Rye

Several Futures play Handlebar on Saturday (October 18).

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