Sex After Kids

Limp laughs

SEX AFTER KIDS (Jeremy Lalonde). 107 minutes. Opens Friday (February 7). For venues and times, see Movies. Rating: NN

If your idea of funny is seeing legendary actor Gordon Pinsent say the word “fellating” with a straight face, then you’ll probably enjoy Sex After Kids.

It’s a limp Canadian comedy connecting six stories of people’s shrivelled-up sex lives after children have entered the equation.

New mom Jules (Shannon Beckner) would rather rub up against her washing machine than have sex with her randy husband, Ben (Ennis Esmer) same-sex couple Jody (Kate Hewlett) and Larissa (Mary Krohnert) are engaged in a power struggle after they have a kid single dad Gage (Kris Holden-Reid) is unsuccessfully looking for a sane partner and so on.

Unlike writer/director Jeremy Lalonde’s previous film, the amusing The Untitled Work Of Paul Shepard, also starring Holden-Reid, there’s no central figure here, so the film sprawls and gets flabby. The device of a mommy group connecting many of the stories feels contrived, and lots of plot points go undeveloped.

And I wish the thing were funnier. Thomas Kratz’s cutesy, overblown score seems to be having a lot more fun than the audience.

The acting, though, is decent. Esmer (The Listener) has great comic timing as the frustrated husband, while Katie Boland sizzles in the underwritten role of his tempting employee at a bar.

And veterans Mimi Kuzyk and Jay Brazeau do their best in a tired plot about an older couple whose kids have flown the coop.

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