Shakespeare, shaken and stirred

In addition to Shakespeare, M.D., Death Married.

In addition to Shakespeare, M.D., Death Married My Daughter and a couple of puppet shows, the Bard pops up regularly as an inspiration for Fringe creators, both in pretty straight productions and given some unusual twists.

Shakespeare BASH’d had a hit last year with a tightly focused The Taming Of The Shrew. This year the company tackles Much Ado About Nothing, featuring James Wallis as Benedick and Amelia Sargisson as Beatrice (pictured, from July 4 at Victory Café, 581 Markham).

In terms of adaptations, New Zealand performer David Ladderman turns King Lear into a comedy in Battle Of The Bastards (from July 5 at Tarragon Mainspace). Surviving Speares looks at a community called Magpie whose residents, characters from Shakespeare, have trouble making a normal life for themselves (from July 3 at Magpie Taproom, 831 Dundas West).

And long-time Fringe performer Keir Cutler returns with Teaching Hamlet, in which a Shakespearean actor and a scholar square off to look at the Bard’s most famous play (from July 5 at Robert Gill).

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