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Gone By The Dawn

This fourth album by Shannon and the Clams is either too late for summer or just in time for fall it all depends on which is your season of choice for having Big Feelings about heartbreak and desire. Shannon Shaw’s heart-in-throat vocals and the Clams’ joyous abandon take hold right away and rip breezily but dramatically through 13 lovely new songs, inducing the kind of open-hearted reflection that makes the past so vivid and the present so vital. 

What’s the point of being so beholden to tradition? is a fair and worthwhile question to ask about music-making in 2015. But it’s not the right question for this Oakland three-piece, despite all their excellent doo-wop yelping and arpeggiated melodies. The sentiments and emotions channelled through the songs have a timelessness that transcends the surf rhythms and retro-exotic theremin squalls. Gone By The Dawn will get you to the church on time every time, even if it’s by driving a 57 Chevy. 

Top track: Corvette

Shannon and the Clams play the Horseshoe October 22.

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