Shi Wisdom – Intervention


Rating: NNNN

Talk about a tease!

If you’re among those Shi Wisdom fans who have been patiently (or not) waiting for the singer to release a proper full-length, just try not to listen to this brand-new EP.

Don’t bother with slow burner Show & Prove and its spot-on backup vocals. Don’t you dare get down with the finger-snapping, 90s-evoking soul of Magic. And above all, stay the hell away from The Mirror, unless you want to confront some painful past (or present) capital-F feelings. “Maybe if I looked like Beyoncé they would not have played me,” Wisdom opines on the EP’s most writerly track. But Beyoncé herself couldn’t have penned a song that so perfectly captures broken self-esteem and the painstaking task of putting it back together again.

Wisdom’s voice can do anything, but on Intervention she demonstrates remarkable restraint. Nuance and careful inflection win out over in-your-face vocal gymnastics (of which she is equally capable).

Cop this at your own risk.

Top track: The Mirror

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