SHITHARPERDID: Comedy meets politics

Who Shit Harper Did ( What Comedy team boasting credits from.

Who Shit Harper Did (

What Comedy team boasting credits from Just for Laughs, CTV, NFB and CBC. Brigette DePape, the former Senate page who came to national prominence in 2011 when she held up a Stop Harper sign during the Throne Speech, is ShitHarperDid’s lead community organizer. The group also includes Mike Bonanno (aka Igor Vamos), one part of activist duo the Yes Men.

How Comedy brings people together, so why not homemade videos and wisecracks about the government to get people thinking? That’s exactly what the artists and activists of SHD did, and it’s working. With almost 50,000 Facebook supporters, millions of YouTube views and hundreds of donors across the country, they’re making some noise, specifically with the younger crowd, with comedic videos like their popular Ryan Gosling Not Endorsing

“I think if you care about telling someone something, you will work hard to wrap it up in a package like a joke, a well-made video or piece of art so they can unwrap it and sit with it and let it impact and change them,” says Emma Cooper, a comedy writer and volunteer coordinator for SHD. 

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