Shopping the show

While it's sure fun to browse, nothing beats the gratification of parting with some hard-earned cash to take home the object of your desire. Here's what we'd buy at the Interior Design Show if we had a few extra dollars to spend.

The Elbow Ollie chair not only looks great, it’s made of durable ash suitable for both indoor and outdoor use ($2,400, Brothers Dressler, 225 Sterling, unit 16, 416-910-5892,


The idea for the innovative and oh-so-useful Peg desk organizer was conceived by Ottawa-based design team the Federal, and production was successfully funded through a Kickstarter project ($24,


Toronto designer Jonathan Sabine’s ultra-modern Fewer Than Three side table’s profile changes significantly depending on which angle you view it from ($600,


The Kona chair, crafted by Toronto-based Miles Keller, is made from previously downed logs handpicked in Scarborough and bent via a complex steam process ($5,000, Dystil, 224 Wallace, suite 403, 416-832-7310,

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