Six From the 6ix: Drake, Dinamo Azari, Moon King, Dana Wright, Devontee and No Warning

Vacations, 1-800-HotlineBlockMeme-worthy Toronto rapper Drake's biggest hit single since 2006's Best I Ever Had now has a meme-worthy music video.

Vacations, 1-800-HotlineBlock

Meme-worthy Toronto rapper Drake’s biggest hit single since 2006’s Best I Ever Had now has a meme-worthy music video thanks to his adorable dance moves. The X-directed video is basically a cross between artist James Turrell and an iPod commercial. Before many people even knew it existed, the memes of Drake dancing to Justin Bieber, the Peanuts theme and the Fraser theme were already spreading online.

Hotline Bling has reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in the United States and has inspired at least 14 remixes including an extremely good one by Erykah Badu. Conveniently, Brooklyn-based Vacations has collected them all plus the original and the song it samples (Timmy Thomas’ Why Can’t We Live Together) into a 30-minute remix megamix.

And if you still need to watch the vid, here it is…

Dinamo Azari, Victim

Three-quarters of now-defunct Toronto house group Azari & III have reunited on the lead single for producer Dinamo Azari’s upcoming solo album, Estranged. Victim, which features vocals by Fritz Helder and Starving Yet Full, is a more minimalist take on the effusive, classic house-inspired sound that Azari & III was known for.

“Toronto has a thriving, young scene and it was imperative I stay close to it, he said in the press release. The feeling is underground, rebellious, late-night warehouse and loft events. Im staying close to my roots and the results are on the record.

Estranged is due in 2016 and the Victim EP comes out via The Vinyl Factory on November 6. Dinamo Azari is having an EP and video release in Toronto on November 7. Details here

Moon King, Roswell

Toronto duo Moon King are on tour this month in support of a limited-run EP called Vida Eterna that came out this month. The three-track release is only available via indie record stores across North America (including Sonic Boom in Toronto) and includes a live version of Roswell, the first song on their Secret Life album.

The video for the track was directed by Marc Boucher (a.k.a. brother of Grimes) and is all about livin’ on the edge (a.k.a. livin’ la vida loca). According to Moon King, “It’s the sound of freedom-with hypnotic motorik synths and a wall of sound surge set to thrill. The vibe is very female-fronted Secret Machines.” Moon King play the Opera House with Youth Lagoon on Sunday (October 25).

Dana Wright, Prelude

Former Dentata singer, Weeknd video guest star and bedroom-eyed Instagrammer Dana Wright has new solo song out that was produced by Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles. Prelude is the lead single off her forthcoming solo album and explores romantic notions of numbness a recurring pop song topic of late. “No one else is good enough and you feel numb,” the Los Angeles-based musician said a recent interview with V. “Your body is available but your heart isn’t. The video shows me expressing all those emotions to one of my idols and biggest inspirations in life as well as creatively Eminem.” Another Toronto ex-pat, Petra Collins, directed the video.

Devontee feat. Joey Bada$$, Godspeed

The first thing that jumps out about Devontee’s latest mixtape District Vibe is the Toronto rapper and producer’s ambition. Best known for coining the term WOE (working on excellence), he has a knack for building songs around hook-y catchphrases (best exemplified by District Vibe opening cut The Ends and single Bare Tings) and isn’t afraid to bend or twist his voice in order to make a chorus stick. The 14-track mixtape is spread between street bangers, love songs and as is the Toronto style of late singsongy introspective numbers. The best of the latter category is the autobiographical Godspeed, which features a typically furious guest verse from Brooklyn MC Joey Bada$$.

No Warning, Friends In High Places

Ben Cooks pre-Fucked Up hardcore band No Warning reunited a few years ago, and earlier this year they played a string of shows in North America and Europe, including their first Canadian gig in 10 years at Heart Fest in Quebec. Now the band is putting out a one-song flexi 7-inch as a way to say thank you to the fans who came out to their gigs. Friends In High Places is limited to 500 copies and is being released in conjunction with Lockin Out Records and clothing brand Stussy. Theres also a Stussy x No Warning capsule collection in the works. Details for that will be announced at a later date. The band previously released a reunion 7-inch in 2013.

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