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SLEEPING GIANT DISCOVERY D: Andrew Cividino. Canada. 90 min..


DISCOVERY D: Andrew Cividino. Canada. 90 min. Sep 15, 9 pm, Winter Garden Sep 17, 9 pm, TIFF Bell Lightbox 3. See tiff.net. Rating: NNNN

Writer/director Cividino expanded a short film for this study of three teenage boys (Jackson Martin, Reece Moffett, Nick Serino) bonding and fighting in cottage country, and the padding occasionally shows. But Sleeping Giant is still a particularly -assured and beautiful first feature, observing the ugly awkwardness of male adolescence against the gorgeous, indifferent backdrop of Lake Superior.

Much credit should go to Chris Thornborrow and Bruce Peninsula, who wrote and performed the music, and cinematographer James Klopko. If the plotting is a little on the obvious side, the details are painfully specific and smartly observed, and all three leads are solid. 

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