Slutty Halloween costumes

What's up with all the rampant slut-shaming that.

What’s up with all the rampant slut-shaming that pops up around Halloween?

So-called “progressives” spend 364 days a year telling women to dress however they want, but when October 31 rolls around, suddenly wearing a minidress that resembles a taco is about the most vapid thing a woman can do.

Halloween slut-shaming often comes cloaked in critiques about intelligence and creativity – being a sexy Disney princess is scoffed at as being just sooo unoriginal. But no one thinks twice when men pull out their off-the-rack Batman, Freddy Krueger or X-Men costumes that delight in violence. As usual, boobs are public enemy number one, while guns, axes, chainsaws and knives are A-OK.

Articles in the Huffington Post, E! Online and Buzzfeed ridicule the year’s most “ridiculous” or “offensive” sexy costumes, pre-emptively shaming any woman who might consider wearing one of them. Ladies, to prove they’re “serious” about Halloween, have to cover up.

Never mind the fear-mongering stories about protecting teen girls from the supposed tyranny of sexy costumes. Where are the think pieces for young men about costumes that glorify violence?

I say dress as slutty as you want this Halloween and, for that matter, the rest of the year, too.

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