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Blogs are turning into everything from news and gossip source to art form. Check out these primo queer sites.

These are written by 7 HIV-positive bloggers who share their hopes, fears, frustrations and lives with a wide audience of people concerned about AIDS. They’re an extension of the great forum for individuals questioning their own HIV status, and let people know – through visceral storytelling – that they’re not alone.

A steady stream of international news for and about queers and queer culture.

A brilliant send-up of Canada’s new queer mecca. It’s writen with attitude, verve and style and really informs people about the goings-on in Toronto’s other gay village.

Kael calls himself a 24-year-old stone butch, uncle, activist, transguy and many other things. His blog offers a surgery journal with pictures, so you can monitor his healing process, and testosterone updates, all intended to track his transitioning experience over several years. Comments and shared insights are welcome.

A group of independent writers with interests in inner transformation, personal growth, spirituality, religion and culture and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community collaborate to create this blog to expand the conversation about what it means to be gay or queer. They’re aiming to create a shift in gay and queer culture toward greater self-esteem, love, wisdom, social justice and healthy and sacred ways of living. It’s a New Age gay blog, not to be missed for people who want to touch their inner queer.

The literate website for people who want to be informed about cutting-edge pornography and the sex culture that digital technology has made possible. If that describes you, this is your gay channel.

A weblog obsessed with gay porn. That means explicit, hot gay man-loving sex. Don’t visit and complain to us that you found information on hot guys having hot gay sex there. We know.

An attempt to present information about gay and lesbian activism with a sense of humour. And they do a great job of it. It’s full of tasty queer infobits.

This one’s been around since November 2000. It’s written by a Toronto-based blogger who’s sarcastic, depressive and totally in lust with big, hairy men.

From the worldwide headquarters of the not so vast gay right-wing conspiracy, representing the million gay and lesbian Americans supporting President Bush. Know your enemy.

A fun, edgy blog about the trials and tribulations of a queer attorney. Recently, he’s been writing about his relationship with NavyBoy more than his career.

A funny queer man from Ohio who writes tongue-in-cheek about being the gayest gay guy he knows in a suburb of Cleveland. “His loafers are light and his tongue is acid.”

The directory of Canadian gay and lesbian blogs. Eighty-five entries and counting.

A user-submitted directory of weblogs and journals written by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people. It’s an RSS aggregator, a content-sharing program that allows its users to filter the Net for syndicated queer content, searching by country, sexual orientation, gender and/or language. A good way to track themes and meta-memes in the queer blogosphere (though not as good as searching for “queer” at www.technorati. com).

The life and times of a lesbian technogeek. Barb Dybwad carves a large niche for herself as the thinking dyke’s gadgeteer. She also writes for mainstream geek sites such as , and the now-defunct Social Software Weblog. You can read more about what happened to it here.

Formerly of Toronto and Xtra magazine, opinionated lesbian Eleanor Brown waxes poetic from Montreal about all issues queer political and media-related. She’s a great writer with more than 20 years of journalism experience and tells some evocative, captivating stories.

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