Blame Confusion (inde pen dent)

Rating: NNNNN

Like the most esteemed Italian chefs, Montreal’s Solids understand that simple is best. The guitar/drums duo’s debut full-length pulses with Japandroidsesque, end-of-the-world momentum, each song packing a concise sonic punch. Harnessing the spark of invigorating opener Over The Sirens, it maintains fuzz and fun over 10 tracks of driving verses and uplifting choruses.

For guitarist Xavier Germain-Poitras and drummer Louis Guillemette, Solids is a break from their more technically demanding hardcore act, Expectorated Sequence. But the scorching, precise Cold Hands and the Monster-era-R.E.M.-

inspired Not Complaining are proof that you don’t need to be overly elaborate to ensure quality musicianship. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they keep their foot on the pedal for 37 minutes. A nod to their 90s college-radio predecessors, Blame Confusion is one of the best Canrock albums of 2013.

Top track: Over The Sirens

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