Space savers

Make the most of ever-shrinking condo spaces with these clever furniture finds

Gramercy TV stand

Don’t you hate when you move condos and none of your furniture fits? Luckily, you can avoid that headache altogether with the Gramercy TV stand. Its three parts can be rearranged to fit any-size wall, compressing or expanding from 240 to 375 centimetres. The effect is very art deco, and the design features three generous drawers for extra storage. ($2,149, Modern Sense Furniture,


Clear glass cabinet

This cabinet has no hidden drawers and it isn’t expandable. Its power as a space saver lies in what I call the shame effect. It’s encased in clear glass, so you and your guests can see everything in there. While you might be tempted to shove a mountain of crap into a regular cabinet, this one will make you think twice. You might even throw some stuff out rather than hoard it until the end of time! ($195, Cornerstone Furniture,


Parallel wall-mounted magazine rack

This parallel wall-mounted magazine rack is the grown-up version of cutting up your favourite mags and using them to make a collage on your closet door. Show off your favourite glossies on these handcrafted iron bars with a black powder-coat finish. If you long ago abandoned the printed word (shame!), use them to hang your towels. ($79.99, CB2)


Navi bed

Do you know how overpriced bed frames are these days? If you bother buying one at all, make sure it doubles as a storage solution. The Navi bed has a roomy storage unit under a hydraulic-powered lid that helps you lift even the heaviest mattress. Bonus: the storage unit is compartmentalized to help you stay organized. ($699, Modern Sensibility)


Rollout pantry

One of the drawbacks of living in a condo is the lack of kitchen space. Rather than throwing up your hands and resorting to Chinese takeout for the rest of your downtown days, try installing a rolling shelf. This baby, with commercial-grade steel extension rails, holds 45 kilos while letting you see the stuff at the very back of your cupboard. No more buying a third jar of peanut butter because you couldn’t find the first two, or using your countertop as de facto storage space. (From $135 per shelf, Gliding Shelf Solutions Inc,


Flying Vee shelves

If you’re not making use of your condo walls, you’re wasting valuable space. Store books, trinkets and more on these quirky Flying Vee shelves. They’re made in Canada and can double as modern art. Arrange them any way you like to fit your personal space. ($29, Made Design, 867 Dundas West, 416-607-6384,


TPS aqua filing cabinet

Not your mother’s filing cabinet, this TPS aqua unit is a contemporary version of the original organization system. Two drawers top a letter/legal file which, if you use it right, makes tax season a hell of a lot less painful. ($179, CB2, 651 Queen West, 416-366-2828,


Miller coffee table

Let’s be honest: you eat most of your meals while watching Netflix on your couch. Neither your lap nor cushions are cutting it as makeshift tables, so you need something a little sturdier. Check out this desk/TV tray coffee table. The extendable table is perfect for dining and can double as a workstation. There’s also ample storage space in and around the table, whose blocky modern design almost makes up for the indignity of embracing the couch potato lifestyle. ($499, Modern Sensibility, 380 Alliance, 416-760-7632,


Campaign writing desk

So you like to do some work from home, but not so much that you’re willing to invest in a proper den with a full-size desk and all that jazz. Enter the Campaign writing desk, a uniquely compact surface perfect for small spaces. Its sleek design won’t distract from other design elements, and its curved shape will fit perfectly into almost any nook or cranny. ($499, Modern Sense Furniture)


Church stool

Counter-height stools are essential to any condo with a kitchen island, but they can sometimes get in the way. Or your cat can take advantage and use them as a stepping stones to a counter full of goodies. The Church Stool solves both problems by being stackable. Available in two finishes, it was inspired by chairs used in gathering rooms in churches and schools. ($265, Style Garage, 938 Queen West, 416-534-4343,

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