Belgian Moon’s new “Undrinkable Pints” are brightening living spaces across Canada

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As we get closer to leaving the pandemic behind, many folks have been able to return to their places of work. While the makeshift office setup in the dining room most definitely sufficed, it’s time to clear your table of computer equipment, documents and highlighters. There’s something so inherently dangerous about eating spaghetti and meatballs as you sit on your white linen couch – but you really had no choice.

As many of the nearly 40 per cent of Canadians who worked from home in the last two years return to the office, the “Great Return” is polarizing the workforce. Whichever side you’re on, Belgian Moon is here to help you reclaim your dining tables and any bedroom that doubled as a boardroom. We can all agree that there’s nothing professional about taking a Zoom call from your bed as you’re propped into a seated position with pillows.

Belgian Moon is a refreshing, well-crafted beer that exists to awaken you to the brightness in the everyday, add some zest to your life and jolt you out of the grey. Keeping with this theme, the brand has launched a six-pack of Undrinkable Pints filled with paints that were designed to brighten your home.

@asburke Last weekend I cracked open a @belgian_moon + two of their #UndrinkablePints and brought some new life to this plain old mirror❣️

Inspired by chromotherapy and Belgian Moon’s signature orange and coriander notes, the Undrinkable Pints are helping Canadians reclaim and refresh their living spaces – no matter what they choose to do with the paint.

Belgian Moon’s Undrinkable Pints features six eye-catching hues, each offering a different benefit to help Canadians reclaim their homes after returning to the office. Created in consultation with a colour therapist, each inspiring shade is more vibrant than the last:

·         Midnight Blue: Darker shades of blue make people feel as if they’re gazing into the night sky. This brings a sense of calmness and serenity, taking a lot of the pressure off your sweet dog who’s been comforting you throughout the pandemic. Coating your walls in Midnight Blue is a surefire way to free your space (and mind) from the clutter of work and turn your house back into a home.

 ·         Orbit Yellow: Brighten up any room by painting a piece of furniture in this sunny, yellow hue. The colour was designed to help you release fears, rediscover your confidence and unlock the joy within.

·         Valencia Orange: An orange inspired by the citrus kick of Belgian Moon, Valencia Orange will help you reconnect with your body and find happiness in the simple things – like an ice-cold glass of beer.

 ·         Lunar Blue: Because blue is an ever-so-relaxing shade, using it to paint your bedroom can promote restful sleep. It’s time to leave your bedroom-boardroom in the past.

·         Brewer’s Oats: For the corners of your apartment that work once commandeered, this creamy off-white is the blank canvas and fresh start you’ve been patiently waiting for.

·         Golden Wheat: Remember when your home was somewhere you had fun? Bring some playfulness back into a space that’s been all function with this grain-inspired gold, and you too may flourish like a field.

@shylagray_ Brightening up my space with my #UndrinkablePints by @belgian_moon !🎨✨

If you’re unsure where to start your DIY, there’s a good chance that your wooden chairs and dining table were seriously overused during the pandemic. Cover up any dents or worn patches with a smooth layer of brightly coloured paint – you’ll instantly feel happier. Folks who are really feeling bold can tackle painting walls, bed frames and even kitchen cabinets.

Whether you’re reinvigorating an accent wall with a splash of Valencia Orange or revamping an old picture frame with Lunar Blue, a fresh coat of paint will have you feeling more in touch with your creative side.

For more #UndrinkablePints content and inspiration on how to brighten up your space, visit Belgian Moon’s Instagram and Pinterest.

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