How to find the best inexpensive auto insurance in Canada

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Car insurance quotes can differ depending on the provider, driver, vehicle and area. When it comes to car insurance, the cheapest option isn’t necessarily the best one. To ensure that you are able to find to the best coverage for your specific situation, you must do your homework. 

We’ve assembled a list of important items to put on your checklist when purchasing the next policy to keep your costs as minimal as possible. Surex can provide you with several car insurance quotes from various carriers to ensure that you receive a reasonable price.

To keep your insurance costs down, plan beforehand and choose the right vehicle

If you want cheap auto insurance, keep rates in mind while you’re shopping for a vehicle. Do an insurance cost comparison before driving your vehicle off the showroom. When determining how much to charge for coverage for any driver and vehicle combination, insurers look at a variety of statistics.

Cars that are rare in nature and four-wheel-drive vehicles would cost you more to insure because they are comparatively more expensive to fix than more popular two-wheel-drive cars. You may use the CLEAR table from the Insurance Bureau of Canada to see which vehicles have a low claim rate, which therefore translates to lower car insurance rates.

Check to see if you need additional coverage

Different drivers have different insurance requirements so you can find a policy that is tailored to your individual needs. Consider skipping collision coverage if you have an old car – many drivers skip this coverage if their old car isn’t worth fixing because it isn’t worth much money.

To save money on auto insurance, you can even opt-out of comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage covers your car when it is not in use, like when bad weather floods it.

Look into user-based insurance

Consider user-based insurance as well (UBI). This model can save money for good drivers who do not drive very far or frequently. UBI is calculated based on the number of kilometres driven as well as technical statistics such as how aggressively you tend to use your brakes and accelerate.

Many auto insurance providers such as TD, CAA and Aviva provide Telematics, which can be used as an app or as a computer mounted in your engine to monitor your results beyond the standard statistics. You can win discounts for driving well with this device, which you can track yourself online.

Get many quotes and shop around

Not all car insurance is created with equal consideration. When it comes to auto insurance, you need to shop around and get quotes from different providers. 

It’s a myth that the largest corporation is always the strongest simply because it spends the most money on advertisements to convince you that it is. Some excellent insurance firms may be unfamiliar to you.

If you’re finding it tough to keep your auto insurance costs within your budget without compromising on quality, Surex will ensure that you receive the guidance you need to find the best policy. 

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