The car wash industry took you for a ride in your own car. No more.

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The first-ever car wash business was started in 1914. Workers manually pushed each car through a tunnel, washed it with a sponge, dried it, and pushed it out the other end. Car after car and wash after wash, the idea of “pail-and-sponge” car wash was cemented in the minds of customers, and the businesses became all about volume. The industry became saturated with single shops that offered an unhealthy variety of services, and it became a race to get cars out of the shop as soon as possible. It wasn’t long before sacrifices in quality, pricing and accountability started to show up.

One major area, in particular, was always neglected throughout the 108 years of the car wash industry: the customer. It became standard practice for detailers to overcharge their customers based on their car’s price tag. The more expensive your car, the more you paid to have it cleaned. It slowly became all about the car, and detailers used their customers’ cars as advertising and bragging rights. Call it a scam or a luxury tax, but there was no way you were putting your brand new Porsche through an automatic car wash. 

ALPHASHINE was born in Toronto with one mission: to modernize the car detailing industry. The objective was to create a brand image that focuses on convenience and ease of use by minimizing wait times, establishing quality control protocols, and introducing consistency in pricing. Most important of all, the primary focus was now on the owner and how their cars fit their lifestyle, rather than just the car. To that effect, ALPHASHINE strategically opened 4 locations in populated areas of midtown and downtown Toronto to deliver the highest quality of car detailing service to members and clients alike.

“Alphashine focuses on complementing its members’ lifestyles and empowering them to conquer their day.”

ALPHASHINE’s solution came to market in the form of detailing memberships. Similar to a Netflix subscription or an Uber Eats Pass, ALPHASHINE memberships allow everyone to receive car detailing services on a monthly basis for a fixed cost. Members receive priority booking 7 days a week and can use their complimentary valet service to have their vehicles picked up and dropped off for the ultimate convenience. Additionally, they receive member-exclusive rates on paint corrections and ceramic coating, can use their services on multiple vehicles, receive promotional offers from ALPHASHINE partners, and are regularly invited to private events and gatherings. 

“ALPHASHINE revolutionized the detailing industry by prioritizing members and their experience,
rather than just focusing on the car.” 

To complement the membership packages, ALPHASHINE has also created a custom mobile app that allows users to take control of their service appointments. Available on iOS and Android, the app allows users to purchase and manage their memberships, create bookings and keep track of their past services, and add multiple vehicles to the ‘Garage’ tab. Download the app to experience convenient car detailing for yourself. 

The combination of app and membership allows members to experience a new era of car detailing, which is why ALPHASHINE’s membership base has been growing fast.

For a limited time only, ALPHASHINE is offering 15% off all memberships for the first 3 months. Use the code “ALPHANOW” to redeem this limited-time offer.

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