Thrill of the Grill Profile: Ginger, The Edmund Burke

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What’s the name of your business and what do you do there? 

The Edmund Burke – co-owner.

When are you at your happiest during the cooking process?

We love interacting with our guests! Our neighbourhood is like a big family to us. 

If you could use only one spice in your cooking, which one would you choose?

Anything spicy. It is fun to add some heat to dishes but still allowing the flavours to shine through. Like our Sriracha Buffalo wings. 

Charcoal or gas? 

That is a tough one… Depends on the meat. Gas for steaks for the consistent high heat and charcoal for ribs and wings for the smoky flavour. 

Favourite cooking utensil? 

A sharp knife! 

If you hadn’t pursued cooking as a profession, what do you think you’d be doing now?

Anything that would allow us to travel. 

If you were planning a food-focused vacation, where would you go? 

Latin America. Hands down. 

What is the perfect message you’d want written on your apron? 

Too many clever things to choose only one!

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