>>>SummerWorks review: Performance About A Woman

PERFORMANCE ABOUT A WOMAN Theatre Centre Lobby (1115 Queen.


Theatre Centre Lobby (1115 Queen West)

Rating: NNNN

Aug 10 at 8:30 pm, Aug 13 at 6 pm, Aug 15 at 5:15 pm, Aug 16 at 4:30 pm. 1-888-328-8384, summerworks.ca.

This free-wheeling and unpredictable solo experimental piece by Liz Peterson manically tacks between weirdo storytelling, intense interpretive dance, songs, poems and stand-up comedy.

A charismatic performer who can shuttle between these forms with ease, Peterson makes inventive use of the Theatre Centre’s upstairs lobby, having the audience face different directions for certain bits, and mysteriously disappearing for minutes at a time through random doors without explanation.

The result feels like peering into a fever dream one minute she’s writhing on the floor as if possessed by a demon, the next she’s affably relating a funny anecdote.

The experience is bizarre, powerful and thought-provoking.   

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