Rating: NNNN

Mick and Keith didn’t speak for half a decade because Richards couldn’t stomach any member making music outside of the Stones. It’s a subject he continues to rake Jagger over the coals for in his recent betrayal of a book. This record, then, should send the pirate guitarist completely overboard Jagger sounds thoroughly inspired about being part of this project with Eurythmics founder Dave Stewart.

Between Jagger, Stewart, Joss Stone, A.R. Rahman and Damian Marley, there’s too much talent for this cooperative not to come up with something interesting. Between Rahman’s “Slumdog pop” on Mahiya (deluxe edition), Marley’s melodic island jam, Miracle Worker, and Stone’s vocal acrobatics fluttering around Jagger and Stewart and adding big choruses to Energy, the album’s all over the place and never dull.

The real highlight is Jagger, though. He sounds like he actually wants to be here, which is something of a change from the past several Stones records.

Top track: Miracle Worker

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