Taking Toronto’s temperature

A decade of climate change in the Big Smoke

2000 Wettest summer in 53 years, with 13 per cent more precipitation than normal.

2001 Driest growing season in 34 years, with 14 nights of temperatures above 20°C (normal is five nights).

2002 Warmest summer in 63 years and fifth-coldest spring on record.

2003 Mid-spring ice storm forces Pearson to use a month’s worth of de-icing fluid in 24 hours.

2004 The year without a summer.

2005 Warmest January 17 since 1840, followed by 41 days of temperatures above 31°C (normal is 14 days).

2006 Record year for major storms, with 23 tornadoes across Ontario.

2007 Snowiest Valentine’s Day in history, with chunks of ice falling from the CN Tower.

2008 Third-snowiest winter ever and record summer rainfall.

2009 A no-snow November in downtown for the first time ever.

2012 Toronto’s earliest-ever official heat wave hits from June 19 to 21.

2013 July deluge drops 126 millimetres of rain in two hours Icemageddon follows at Christmas, leaving almost hundreds of thousands without hydro for 10 days.

2014 Thirty-five extreme cold weather alerts issued by the city.

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