Teenanger – E P L P

(Telephone Explosion)

Rating: NNNN

With each release, Toronto’s Teenanger have been moving incrementally further away from their garage rock roots, and on their newest release they sound more like an undiscovered late 70s punk band. You might argue that the distinction isn’t that clear, since early punk was inarguably heavily influenced by garage, but the -difference lies in the robotic brutality of the rhythms, the raspy edges and gleeful ugliness of the guitar tones and the confrontational bratty snarl of the vocals.

At only eight songs, E P L P goes by in the blink of an eye – an effective serving size for this kind of adrenaline-fuelled trash rock. Despite that short running time and no-frills approach, there’s a surprising amount of sonic diversity, including a sax solo, what sounds like a sprinkling of synths, spoken word samples and some shimmering 80s-inspired guitar textures, all of which fit into the mix better than they ought to, making for a sound somewhere between early new wave and noise rock.

Top track: Think About It

Teenanger play the Garrison Friday (September 12). Listen to their new album here.

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