Tenemy Shaughnessy-De Rothschild

Toronto street style

Tenemy Shaughnessy-De Rothschild, designer, stylist, and fashion history know-it-all.

What does style mean to you? It depends but I’d like to think it’s reflective of a persons personality and lifestyle, preferences and life experience.

Define your personal style. I really don’t know how to do that. I’d say it’s self explanitory, really. I like to wear and shop at nice places and dress things down. It’s just how I am. I think it’s from living a creative lifestyle as an artist – having to support myself from a young age and not really caring but caring enough to want expensive clothes although my style hasn’t changed since I was like five so there’s that too. Lolz.

I feel naked without: My chains. A tan. iPod.

Favourite part of Toronto? I’m into College Street with all my heart. And patios in Yorkville and of course Terroni on Queen. Braaaap. This city is amazing. I love it.


Shoes: YMC

Jeans: Ksubi

Shirt: Obey, from forever ago

Jacket: Ksubi


Black beads: My boy Jonny’s line called FADED

Kabbalah bracelet: Eden Philippa

Turquoise hearts: Sophia at dennis’ house of vintage made it for me


Sharks jaw: Rogues Gallery

Wings: ICE ROK by Magen David is vintage.


On my right hand I wear a ring my friend Sandro made for me. He co owns Lavish & Squalor and made these super radical sterling silver friendship rings for a few of us.

On my left is a vintage Tommy Singer ring. He’s a Navajo jeweler. This one is a turquoise peyote bird and is one of the first pieces he did that he set stone into silver with resin. It’s a very special ring.

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