The best Toronto gift guide for every stoner on your list

Does Santa dab? If so, he might answer the collective prayers of smokers in Canada and fast-track legalization. But even if he doesn’t climb down the chimney at 24 Sussex Drive, these gift ideas will cheer up the cannabis connoisseurs in your life.

These dreamy Haciendaware ceramic pipes will make you feel like you’ve drifted away to a pastel paradise before you even take a puff ($110 to $130, Easy Tiger, 1447 Dundas West, 647-748-6161,

Pax 2- 1.jpg

One of the more popular vapes on the market, the pocket-size PAX 2 vaporizer packs a punch. Comes equipped with four different temperature settings, lip-sensing technology and a 10-year warranty ($259.95, 180 Smoke, 657 Yonge, 647-427-4037, and other,

CannaLife- Pleasure oil.jpg

To quote a friend of mine, “It makes your pussy laugh.” If that’s not testimony enough for THC-infused Cannalife Pleasure Oil, I’m not sure what is ($16/10 ml, $48/30 ml, Come as You Are, 1-888-504-7934,  


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Put the high in haute couture with these fashionable AnnaBís purses and clutches that have scent-masking technology and secret storage compartments for your bud. Because they pair thin layers of resin with stylish designs, you can turn any stuffy social engagement into a party without anyone catching wise ($70 to $245,  

Apothecary olive oil.jpg

Snacking and smoking go hand in hand, and 100 per cent organic, THC-infused Apothecary olive oil lets you add some green to your greens. Best when used at room temperature, it’s the perfect accompaniment for salads, crudites or a baguette ($14/50 ml, $41/225 ml, Pacifico, 444 Bloor West, 416-533-9355,


For anyone looking for the medicinal benefits of cannabis without having to smoke, Mota Green Balm is the perfect gift. Made with shea butter, rosemary and eucalyptus, this soothing cream treats muscle pain, dry skin and eczema ($35, MMJ Canada, 20 Cumberland, 416-925-9559, and other,

Miss Envy bathbomb.jpg

C. Randy Friesen

Nothing says loving luxury like falling into a warm, THC cloud. Miss Envy heart-shaped bath bombs provide the soothing benefits of cannabis with essential oils, making them perfect for anyone wishing to tap into the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without actually getting high ($10, Eden Medicinal Society, 1625 Bayview, 416-484-0444, and other,

Green Buds and Hash.jpg

For the stoner with a childlike side, Green Buds And Hash combines the whimsy of Dr. Seuss’s original with a moral about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Also useful for parents looking for a way to educate their kids about their sticky, smoky elixir. “Though I was told they are a sin / Green buds and hash are medicine” (Roach-o-Rama, 204 Augusta, 647-308-7845,

MJ Cream- Heat.jpg


Packed with marijuana resin, cannabis hemp seed oil, cinnamon and ginger, topical MJ Heat Cream’s benefits include increased circulation and warming tired muscles. A good idea for anyone suffering from inflammation or arthritis ($5/10 ml, $99/300 ml, Cannabis Culture, 461 Church, 416-546-6020, and others,

Apawthecary dog treats.jpg

Apawthecary dog treats are rich in CBD – the non-psychoactive component of cannabis – and are suggested for pooches who suffer from anxiety, joint aches or pains ($23, Pacifico, 444 Bloor West, 416-533-9355,


Got someone on your list who wants the latest on Canadian regulations, industry standards and best practices for medicinal and recreational pot? Slip that head a ticket to the O’Cannabiz Conference & Expo, happening at the Sheraton Centre April 21 to 23, when a wave of experts will dish on cultivation, marketing, policy and more (early-bird registration until January 1, $199, | @milesjkenyon

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