The Beverleys go bye-bye

Local Buzz Records rockers call it quits, but not before announcing two stacked "funeral" shows for Toronto fans

Keeping a band together isn’t easy. All that “trying to make unique individuals move as one” can take a toll after a few years. Add in the current reality of bands having to tour so much to make up for lost album sales and, well, breakups claim even the best of the bunch.

Toronto’s Beverleys are the most recent on-the-rise local band to call it quits, which they sort of announced via Facebook on Tuesday, March 29, after posting about a two-show vinyl release party for their excellent Brutal debut album (Buzz Records), an event that will also serve as a “funeral party” on April 15 and 16 at the Smiling Buddha (961 College).

The band confirmed the breakup news with NOW on Wednesday in a group email. 

“There were a few reasons that came together and made it kind of inevitable, but mainly we collectively just couldn’t commit to the kind of touring schedule really needed to support our music, and that started to inform how we moved forward and shaped our own individual values. We love being on the road and we love performing. We had so many crazy experiences since our first days together and are goddamned proud of our recordings and what we managed to accomplish.

“This was a pretty special thing we had going, but what can you do. It sucks! So bad!” 

In addition to hearing Bevs songs live one last time, the aim of the funeral party is to showcase bands the Toronto three-piece loves and, in some cases, have worked with since forming in 2010. On the bill: P0ST3RB0Y, Lizzy Boredom, Plasmalab, Crosss, Surinam and an unnamed special guest. Odonis Odonis and Twist’s Laura Hermiston will DJ.

So what’s up next for members Joanna Lund, Susie Burke and Audrey Hammer?  

“We’re moving separately deeper into our own individual pursuits, including moving countries, pursuing careers, creating more music and finding new channels of expressions. We’re insanely grateful to the Toronto musicians and community and fans for supporting us and of course to those Buzz guys for taking us in and believing in our band.

“We’re pretty stunned by the amount of people telling us how bummed out they are. So thank you, everyone, for the love!” | @carlagillis

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