The Big Pink – Future This


Rating: NNN

Milo Cordell, one-half of London scenester duo the Big Pink, said in recent interviews that the key to making Future This was zeroing in on what worked best on their debut smash, A Brief History Of Love. In other words, replicate and magnify the big-chorus-anthem pattern from Dominos and Velvet.

The result is an album with chart-worthy songs that are uncomfortably familiar at times and a touch low on risk.Beat-driven opener Stay Gold best exemplifies this: the chorus that drops in clearly resembles Dominos. It’s hard, though, to fault Cordell and vocalist Robbie Furze too much for wanting to make a record that penetrates live as well as A Brief History does, and their ability to write these kinds of tunes, in particular the standout Hit The Ground (Superman), shouldn’t be entirely dismissed.

Top track: Hit The Ground (Superman)

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