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The Editor is bloody good

THE EDITOR (Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy). 95 min. Opens Friday (September 18). Rating: NNNN

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Having paid feature-length tribute to crappy 80s movies in Manborg, Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy turn their sights to the splatteriffic 70s and the strain of Italian horror known as giallo. 

The story is appropriately kinked: when a mysterious slasher starts picking off his colleagues in spectacularly bloody ways, a film editor (co-director Brooks) with a tragic past realizes he’s not only working on a giallo, but living in one. 

The Editor does its best to out-genre the genre, lovingly piling ridiculous complications and demented flashbacks on top of unconvincing dubbing, perfect genre references (Sheila Campbell is basically doing Catriona MacColl in The Beyond) and plenty of nudity and gore.

Dario Argento might not approve, but Lucio Fulci totally would.    

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