What’s the most unusual place you’ve been on a date?

Gravel pit ftw

“What’s the most unusual place you’ve taken someone – or someone has taken you – on a date?”

From niche museum to medical labs, to churches where you’ve fucked and/or prayed – you’ve been on some pretty interesting dates.

Here are some of the best you shared:

  • A ride on a new subway train the first day they were used. It was awesome!
  • City morgue. (My date was a forensic technician.)
  • Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
  • On a tour of where they grew up. It was actually awesome.
  • A U of T medical laboratory with all the fetuses, hands and other body parts. I’m not kidding.
  • Jane Austen reenactment dinner.
  • Weird Al concert.
  • Walk-in restaurant fridge.
  • Blood donor clinic.
  • Church that was closed and he had a key. We fucked on the altar.
  • The R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant – we hopped a fence and sat on the rocks at night looking out onto Lake Ontario.
  • Their fallout shelter.
  • An old theatre his family owned for a private big-screen showing of my fave movies. We even got to play with the popcorn maker!
  • Trinity Bellwoods dog park without a dog.
  • Got taken to the TSO by a metalhead with long hair. Naturally, I married him.
  • An alternative art show in the Annex, with a live blood-letting performance.
  • First date, took him to a drug dealer’s hotel room across the city to get shrooms and blow.
  • Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology
  • Trespassing on Toronto Zoo property in the old monorail area.
  • A church’s Shrove Tuesday supper. We washed dishes afterwards… it was odd.
  • His grandmother’s basement, which was where he lived.
  • To meet the governor general.
  • Hooters.
  • To their parents’ house for dinner. On the first date. Their parents were home and joined us.
  • Collection of skulls at U of T’s anthro department.
  • One of my partners flew me to his hometown of London, England, for our second date.
  • Gravel pit.
  • Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. Big-time mood killer.
  • Their basement, literally filled with boxes and boxes of underwear.
  • She was an activist/graffiti artist and she took me tagging. We spent the afternoon hopping fences. Easily the best day of my life.

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