The Night Circus

Forget the clowns and the lion tamers. Curator Denise Markonish (Oh, Canada) encourages artists to use their wits to create an all-night magical display.

Diane Landry: Icebreaker

18 York

Landry, a wizard of motorized found objects, makes magic with bike wheels, plastic bottles, umbrellas and salad spinners. Icebreaker builds on recent work using plastic sheets that, when lit and activated by the Quebec-based kinetic sculptor, strikingly resemble the moving surface of water. Suspending an airborne boat on her ersatz sea in which a rower struggles mightily to go nowhere, Landry pulls in multiple associations about the human condition, climate change and the artistic imagination. FS


SuttonBeresCuller: Big Top Grand Stand

Clarence Square Park, corner of Spadina and Clarence Square (an extended project running October 5 to 6, 9 to 13)

SuttonBeresCuller are a trio of Seattle sculptors working collaboratively in the construction and reclamation of everyday objects. In the great tradition of transient circus caravans and carnivals, they’ve built an enormous marvel: four caravans stacked atop a flatbed trailer, adorned with lights, flags and a giant parasol. Big Top Grand Stand is a dream object of impossibly whimsical dimensions. DJ

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