The NOW guide to stripping down for Pride

Embrace your body in all its glory and show a little (or a lot) of skin this weekend. We’ve got you covered with some of the best products and services to help ease any pre-nudity jitters.

Best nipple covers

We’re in support of the #freethenipple movement, but not every woman wants to put it all on display. Besides, even boobs can benefit from some fun decorative flourishes. You can pick up nipple pasties at just about any old sex shop, but these local, handmade crochet pasties from Sex on a Stitch are next-level ($5/pair, Etsy). 


Best hair removal

Go ahead, grow your armpit hair as long as your heart desires. We support equal opportunity furriness and by no means think hairlessness equals beauty. 

We also acknowledge that grooming one’s body hair is a personal choice, and some men and women like things a little more bare than others. 

Enter Waxon Waxbar, a local chain of highly professional unisex waxing studios that adhere to the highest sanitary standards and hire “waxologists” who make the experience as close to painless as possible. Waxon also offers a bevy of all-natural products to exfoliate, prep and moisturize skin to prevent ingrown hairs and other skin irritations ($8-$175, depending on body area, 766 Queen East, 647-350-7929, and others, 


Best leather jocks

For men who don’t necessarily want to present their full package to the crowds, a leather jock (from $44) is a fun way to cover up your junk while still remaining mostly in the buff. 

Our go-to spot for these and other leather garments is Northbound Leather (586 Yonge, 1-877-972-1037, All its products are made sweatshop-free, right here in Canada from high-quality leather. The store is also a major supporter of the Toronto kink scene, so you know it’s a no-judgment zone. 

Tip: buy interchangeable leather pouches ($48) to take your jock from day to night. 


Best sun protection

Red, blistered and peeling is never a good look. Also, there’s cancer to worry about. Cover up with quality sunscreens and it won’t matter how much skin you show. 

For face, we recommend Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 ($34, Gee Beauty, 2 Roxborough West, 416-486-0080, The water-resistant, paraben-free and weightless formula enhances your natural skin tone (kind of like a BB cream) and provides both UVA and UVB protection. 

For body, go with Canadian brand Ombrelle ($19.99, Shopper’s Drug Mart, 761 King West, 416-306-0311, and others, Its formulas are hypoallergenic and free of colourants and fragrances. 


Best faux tan

Suffering from confidence issues? A little tan goes a long way in making your body look beach- or Pride-ready. Skip the damaging hours in the sun and turn to Vita Liberata (from $24,, a luxe, non-toxic, organic self-tanner that doesn’t streak and gives an orange-free golden glow. 

For those too scared to DIY at home, you can get sprayed with Vita Liberata by professionals at either the Four Seasons Spa ($95, 60 Yorkville, 416-963-6006, or the new Benefit Cosmetics Boutique ($60 for full body, 2614 Yonge, 416-440-2769, 


Best body paint

Body paint offers the best of both worlds. You’re technically naked, but don’t necessarily look it. For professional-grade colour that stands out from the crowd and doesn’t fade easily, try Kryolan’s Aquacolor UV Dayglow ($14.99 each, Kryolan Makeup Store, 110 Lombard, 416-968-6212,  Activate them with a wet brush or sponge, and wash it all off easily with soap and water.

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