The Olympic Symphonium

Chance To Fate (Forward)

Rating: NNN

Fredericton’s mellow men of melody the Olympic Symphonium try some new things on their fourth album. Bringing in Joshua Van Tassel as co-producer, they’ve expanded their sonic palette to include more percussion, plus a fair dash of omnichord and “wizardry” (liner-note speak for soundscapey transitions and electro-folk flourishes).

The songwriting and singing remain classic OS – understated, introspective and serious, with rotating lead vocals made seamless by the ease of the core group’s harmonies.

All In Your Head, an alt-folk declaration of atheist death co-written by poet Christopher Goodwin, contrasts with Home, a Byrdsy, pedal steel-drenched ode that sounds like a prayer.

Jasper, a paean to new dadhood, is the catchiest song, but Predictor, with bowed bass and forward motion, exemplifies the band’s new textures.

Top track: Predictor

The Olympic Symphonium play the Horseshoe April 12 and the Piston April 13.

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