Top 10 local albums

Toronto's best of 2014

1. Alvvays

Heart-snagging jingle-jangle fuzz pop absolutely worthy of its buzz.

Jennifer Castle

2. Jennifer Castle

Pink City

A transient, conversational peek into the brain of an old-soul, stream-of-consciousness, blues-folk storyteller.


3. Lowell

We Loved Her Dearly

An electro bubblegum take on political anthems and personal poetry, with melodies that lodge in your soul.

Doug Paisley

4. Doug Paisley

Strong Feelings

Minimalist, downtempo alt-country full of quiet satisfactions.

Tre Mission

5. Tre Mission


Dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass, industrial electro and R&B tied together with the grime star’s throaty, staccato flow.


6. Biblical

Monsoon Season

A thunderous, spacious heavy rock debut full-length from former members of NOW cover boys the Illuminati and Sebastien Grainger’s Mountains.


7. Sloan


The T.O.-via-Halifax power pop band get more ambitious with age, as this hugely varied double album attests.


8. Bahamas

Bahamas Is Afie

Afie Jurvanen got personal on his third album as Bahamas, bringing an intimate touch to his melancholic country soul tunes.

Timber Timbre

9. Timber Timbre

Hot Dreams

Taylor Kirk allowed a bit more romance and soul to infiltrate the spooky blues ballads on his fifth album, but the mood was as dark as ever.

Cold Specks

10. Cold Specks


An unexpected psychedelic rock energy put Cold Specks’ gospel folk ballads in a whole new light.

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