Top gear

The finest in DJ paraphernalia so your beats bang in the best possible way

For the novice DJ

Native Instruments Kontrol Z1

This controller/mixer is a compact way to start mixing immediately. You can plug your iPhone/iPad directly into it or expand it with a Traktor interface. $209, Steve’s Music (415 Queen West)


Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

You could try to DJ with your little earbud headphones, but a closed-back design like this will make your life a lot easier. $108, Moog Audio (442 Queen West)



Plug your mixer directly into these compact monitors and you’re ready to annoy your neighbours. $249.99 each, Long & McQuade (925 Bloor West)

For the advanced DJ


Pioneer DJM-2000 Nexus

If this DJ mixer looks like it could pilot a spaceship, that’s because it has enough digital power to get to the moon. So many pretty flashing lights. $2,649, Moog Audio


Technics SL-1200

Introduced in 1972 – and now discontinued – the legendary 1200 turntable is still the industry standard. Thankfully, it’s also very durable. Pick up a couple of used ones before they become too scarce. $750 (used), Play De Record (357 Yonge)


Rane SL 4

Integrate your laptop with your turntables and CD decks with this Serato Scratch Live DJ interface. $995, Long & McQuade


Serato Vinyl 12″ Glow In The Dark

If you’re going to use time-code vinyl to control your laptop, you may as well spring for the glow-in-the-dark version. $55 pair, Moog Audio


Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus

Pop a CD in, plug in a USB drive or even connect wirelessly to these high-end DJ CD players. $2,099, Steve’s Music


Sony MDR-1R Prestige Headphones

Sony headphones have long been favoured by DJs, but these take the sound quality up a notch, while still boasting the required durability, bass response and comfort. $299.95, Bay Bloor Radio (55 Bloor West)

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