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Plus, a burning question about cycling infrastructure answered, Israel's LGBTQ claims and the Kingsway theatre's anti-abortion push in Letters To The Editor Read more

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How Cineplex – and Andrew Scheer's Conservative MPs – got played by faith-based filmmakers out to sell tickets Read more

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A demonstration against abortion abolition is taking a stand against Sam Oosterhoff's recent anti-abortion comments at the March for Life as well as restrictive reproductive bills in U.S. states. Read more

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Pizzeria's owner lambastes anti-choice group outside her Christie Pits restaurant in video clip Read more


The Conservative leader has looked indecisive in dealing with the public backlash over Lynn Beyak and Rachael Harder storms, but the degree of nativist feeling among his base is far greater than we think Read more

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There's growing support behind banning anti-choice protestors in public spaces, but there's a deeper discussion to be had Read more

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Why anti-choice protestors aren’t considered criminal Read more

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In case you needed a reminder that there’s still so much work to do in the fight against oppression Read more

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Students for Life at Ryerson becomes latest student anti-abortion organization to take battle for official status on campus to court Read more


Anti-choice fanatics take over Gerrard with toxic poster campaign Read more

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