Samuel Engelking

If we’re going to tackle huge issues like the climate crisis, artistic practice and activism can't be separated anymore Read more

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Samuel Engelking

The founder of everyBODYplayahmas will march in the Grand Parade as an official representative of this year's festival Read more

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In the book BlackLife, authors Rinaldo Walcott and Idil Abdillahi argue that incremental efforts to combat anti-Black racism won't work Read more


Stan Williams This Is Indian Land

Stan Williams

In his ongoing series This Is Indian Land, the Mohawk/Anishinaabe photographer captures the broad range of ways Indigenous people are reclaiming culture Read more

Art & Design


Rhianna Jackson-Kelso

Even without a permit, Toronto's 420 rally brought Ontario potheads and activists together one final time before marijuana legalization. We asked them what they really think of the Ontario Cannabis Store. Read more


Yami Msosa, anti-violence educator and activist

Samuel Engelking

"Being honest with the trauma we’ve experienced is particularly hard for Black women, and it doesn’t really allow us to take care of ourselves." Read more

Love Your Body


Michelle da Silva

Demonstration planned in response to "Toronto Nationalist Rally" demands repeal of Safe Third Country Agreement and brings to the fore issues of white allyship in combating racism Read more

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mmoursi_RBC Arts Award.jpg

Manar Moursi

Sponsored feature: presented by Toronto Arts Foundation Read more


Sponsored feature: presented by Toronto Arts Foundation Read more



Alan Pike

The advocate and poet attended every monthly homeless memorial at Trinity Square since 2000 Read more

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Arundhati Roy_2012.jpg

Wikimedia Commons: Vikramjit Kakati

Sponsored feature: presented by Penguin Random House Canada Read more

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19th Toronto Global Marijuana March_5.6.2017 (35 of 35).jpg

Paul Salvatori

Demonstrators flocked to Queen's Park this weekend for the Global Marijuana March to demand more from the Liberal government Read more


New exec chef Joshna Maharaj at the Queen West hotel wants to redefine sustainability Read more

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Photo by Jonathan Goldsbie

Former UC Berkeley prof George Lakoff on what you can do to help Read more

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Opening-night documentary draws some interesting connections between higher education and increased activism Read more

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Roses seem pointless after meeting couples like this Read more

Love and Sex

Washington March

Giorgio Lee

I was not a fan of all the slogans and chanting – and the pink "pussy hats" were complicated – but hopefully some radical seeds were planted in the minds of the young Read more




Women March On Washington - Toronto – where over 50,000 marched to support gender equality and human rights – was a major breakthrough Read more

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The most important thing we did on Saturday was listen to each other. Let's keep that momentum going Read more

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Peaceful political protest has long been recognized as a protected form of expression and assembly. Read more