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In a big victory for tenants, the new bylaw amendments will add thousands of units back to the Toronto rental market Read more

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Leilani Farha

Hussein El-alawi / Sydsvenskan

Partially shot in Toronto, Push follows the UN's Leilani Farha as she investigates how private equity firms are profiting from the global housing crisis Read more

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Swedish-produced doc is an absorbing look at the commodification of the housing market Read more


Coffin Factory funeral

Samuel Engelking

For nearly 60 years, the Coffin Factory has provided affordable live-work studios for artists. Read more

Art & Design

I used to feel ashamed about being on disability, but now I’m just pissed off. It doesn’t work. Not in this town. Not in 2019. Government functionaries tell me they can’t get "creative" where the rules are concerned. But someone's gotta. Read more

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Peter Biesterfeld

“If you put too many ornaments on it, it’s going to fall over eventually.” Read more


A new report says that the number of Toronto homes being rented on the online service has doubled since 2016 Read more


The Man Who Sold Parkdale 2.JPG

Rooming houses and bachelorettes in Parkdale have been homes for decades to former psychiatric patients, new immigrants to Canada, disabled folks and those with low or fixed income, but they are disappearing Read more

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The Toronto Foundation's Vital Signs report, the first to look at city issues through an equity lens, calls for a radical shift in how we sees ourselves if we're to tackle declining quality of life Read more

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Samantha Edwards

On National Housing Day, Parkdale residents protested an incoming luxury condo development slated for the intersection Read more



Samuel Engelking

An alternative financing model is opening doors to starter homes – and demand has never been higher Read more

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It feels strange to not be able to afford a house in the East York neighbourhood of small Second-World-War-era homes I grew up in Read more

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Alan Pike

The advocate and poet attended every monthly homeless memorial at Trinity Square since 2000 Read more

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Vancouver-based online service is a boon to landlords, but does it actually help tenants? Read more

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Toronto's chronic reliance on volunteer-run, faith-based programs for emergency shelter is clearly a cost-saving decision - and a morally negligent one Read more

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Michelle da Silva

Housing advocates across Canada marched for National Housing Day today. Here are five people who rallied in Toronto Read more

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Plus: Rise up for migrant workers' rights Read more