Killing Patient Zero Gaetan Dugas

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In Killing Patient Zero, director Laurie Lynd profiles the Canadian flight attendant who was wrongly blamed for spreading the AIDS virus in North America Read more

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I lived through the worst years of the AIDS epidemic when nobody wanted to talk about it – once again everybody’s pretending nothing is going on with the explosion of queer people experimenting with crystal meth during sex Read more


Multicultural AIDS Awareness Walk

Cheol Joon Baek

World AIDS Day commemorations on Saturday, December 1, and talks by pop-culture commentator Jesse Wente and former Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin head up this week's list of can't-miss events Read more


Docudrama examines Paris ACT UP's battle against AIDS in the early 1990s Read more



Cylla von Tiedemann

UK AIDS play lacks larger themes and hasn't aged well, but the performances are first-rate Read more


Someone I had unprotected oral sex with was HIV-positive. In the eyes of the court, he should bear the full weight under the Canadian judicial system for failing to disclose his status to me. Read more

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"We see so many adverts for cancer awareness on TV – celebrities fundraising, people talking about it. You rarely see people talking about their HIV. It's still dealt with in silence." Read more

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Glen Callender is crusading against U2's Bono, who supports male circumcision to prevent HIV Read more

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More than 50 restaurants will participate in event supporting Fife House Read more

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Keep KAIROS strong and World AIDS Day Read more


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