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The Toronto producer seamlessly blends drips of hip-hop, waves of ambience and distorted echoes of soul into something otherworldly more

Mar 8, 2018 3:05 PM Album reviews

The Jersey punk band’s fifth album employs their infrequently used weapon: ballistic folk with traditional arrangements. more

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The Welsh musician mixes mythology and modernity on her second solo album more

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On Art of the Uncarved Block's new cassette, bands like Triples, Humanities and Low Sun bring pre-internet aesthetics into the urgent, noisy present more

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The Toronto-based singer/songwriter has created mobilized many of the city's most underrated musicians to create a stunning, detail-rich album about violence more

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For their fifth album, the long-running Toronto indie rock band got some chill more

Feb 23, 2018 1:41 PM Album reviews


Chelsee Ivan

The Toronto band's impressive debut album is urgent and visceral, but a slow burn more

Feb 20, 2018 12:59 PM Album reviews

She glimpses at what could make her stand out in the dense Toronto hip-hop ecosystem, but often sounds anonymous more

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On their debut album, the Toronto trio channel retro influences into a modern and cohesive mix of hip-hop and electronic production more

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The collection of 31 songs by 100% Silk artists pays tribute to 36 people who died in a warehouse fire while aiming to preserve DIY spaces and make them safer more

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It's unlikely any of these songs will stick with you past Super Bowl Sunday more

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The Blue Rodeo frontman's album is nostalgic and approachable, but just a little too boxed-in and careful more

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If the old Taylor is dead, we're hoping for a resurrection more

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Tamara Lindeman cuts loose from Americana and moves towards a sound that’s fully her own more

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The Los Angeles trio's second album builds on a lot of the same ingredients that made their 2013 debut so memorable more

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Singer/songwriter Mike Hadreas's beautiful fourth album is his most vivid and joyous release to date more

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It’s not like one of the best bands of all time is just going to start recording Sia’s Rihanna rejects more

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The fifth album from Damon Albarn's pop group has a multitude of singular voices but a few too many forgettable songs more

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A compelling live performer, the Toronto-based electronic musician's second album is bogged down by effects and atmospherics more

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The Compton rapper's fourth album explores the microcosm of his personal struggles through the macrocosm of society’s ills more

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