Amanda Scriver

As drag hits the mainstream – and increasingly straight crowds flock to drag events for morning mimosas – the local drag scene is finding new ways to expand Read more


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Britney Townsend

Alternative milks, including soy, almond and oat milk, are becoming as common as dairy at many coffee shops — but one barista's use of oat milk recently stirred up debate at a coffee championship. Read more



Ryan Emberley

Old-fashioned elitism means Toronto Fashion week excludes plus-size clothing and fat bodies. Read more


From Dumplin' to Insatiable, these were the best and worst movies and TV shows where fat bodies were represented this year. Read more

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We spoke to NDP MPP Jill Andrew on why she introduced a private member's bill, Bill 61, to raise awareness about eating disorders. Read more



Courtesy of Dolly Shots Photography

Sexy photo shoots aren't only for cis, straight women. It's a chance for all bodies to feel empowered and appreciated. Read more


The Real Housewives Of Toronto star Roxy Earle recently released a plus-size collection for Le Château, but when it comes to size and price, the fashion industry has a lot to learn about catering to plus-size shoppers. Read more


A Toronto resident has created a fitness class for bodies of all sizes where weight loss isn’t the goal Read more