Andrew Scheer

A demonstration against abortion abolition is taking a stand against Sam Oosterhoff's recent anti-abortion comments at the March for Life as well as restrictive reproductive bills in U.S. states. Read more

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Those among Scheer's supporters in media who condemned the atrocity argued that far worse things are done to Christians by Muslims in Africa and the Middle East on a regular basis – it’s a classic digression technique Read more


Canada's Conservatives seem willing to do and say anything to win in 2019, even if it means tearing the country apart Read more


There are many issues for which his government can be criticized, but that’s irrelevant to the new breed of conservatives, who at heart are really outraged by Trudeau’s genuine social liberalism – and the fact that he is a Trudeau Read more


The Conservative leader has called for an investigation into the party's handling of sexual assault allegations against former MP Rick Dykstra during the 2015 campaign – is it possible he didn’t know? Read more

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Stephen Harper 2.0? The Conservative Party of Canada's new leader is far more theologically driven than his predecessor – not to mention, now heavily indebted to the party's growing social conservative base Read more

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