Michelle da Silva

Toronto's Weed VR launches technology that will allow consumers to virtually touch and smell weed products online – getting a real high from the experience is still unfortunately out of reach. Read more




How have we evolved to a point where physical contact is a “nice to have” and not a must if you are attracted to someone? Read more

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Natalia Manzocco

How the Toronto-born app is taking on the digital dining competition Read more


Apps claiming to be more socially responsible than scandal-plagued Uber are popping up in Toronto. NOW's Ecoholic columnist asks whether we're being taken for a ride Read more

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Disregard for the trading platform's money-free principles can result in useless posts, spam and annoying interactions Read more



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SafeTTC and #ThisIsWhere campaign sheds light on harassment on the TTC, but are they doing enough? Read more

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Samuel Engelking

York and University of Toronto profs have launched courses – and apps – to push the legal profession online Read more


Biking-Snow.jpg Rawlinson

Points earned on the free mobile app can be traded in for a six-pack at Amsterdam Brewery or a cold brew at Jimmy’s Coffee Read more

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A new app promises to connect fellow discerning singles. But like everything else, it's a disappointment Read more

Love and Sex

Hitch a ride to local sporting events or music festivals like Supercrawl in Hamilton Read more


Hire strangers to do your dry cleaning, deliver dinner and even babysit your kid. It’s all possible from your phone Read more

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Now anyone can join in on the trading fun – all you need is a code and a Facebook account Read more


From knowing your rights during a police stop to an app that guides you through your next drug trip, local tech developers have you covered Read more

Think Free: The NOW Toronto blog

Sensing the city’s boundless appetite for food we don’t have to go out and get ourselves, several new apps and web-based services have landed to capitalize on the demand. We put four new companies to the taste test. Read more