Bernie M. Farber

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Paul Salvatori

Time for media and civic institutions to stop granting legitimacy to the Toronto tabloid while its columnists continue to demonize the "other" Read more

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Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) leader François Legault’s stunning election victory is another sign that hard right racism and Islamophobia is on the rise and Quebec is a central area for its growth Read more



Jonathan Goldsbie

Those who regularly harass the Muslim community have been able to get away with saying virtually anything under Ontario's anti-SLAPP laws, but not anymore Read more


The depths to which humanity can sink is seemingly a lesson we have not learned from history Read more




When it comes to attacks on the Muslim community, our empathy seems to last only a short time Read more


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Hebah Masod

How long before the bigots attacking Muslim prayer in schools turn their attention to Jewish students? Read more


How a trip with Indigenous leaders to Yad Vashem, Israel's museum of the Holocaust, was the beginning of my lesson on Canada's own crime against humanity Read more


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Mark Marczyk

Genocides do not begin in gas chambers or with machetes or bullets - genocides begin with words Read more