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NOW readers weigh in on how to keep art accessible for all Torontonians, Truth and Reconciliation and why Morrissey is still a dick Read more

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Natalia Manzocco

In a hectic year for local openings, these new Toronto restaurants stand out from the pack Read more



Photos by Natalia Manzocco

This was a year of reinvention for heavy hitters in the city’s food scene Read more

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Natalia Manzocco

The city's hottest new spots are all about seafood, sustainability and a whole lot of pasta Read more

Food & Drink

In a year filled with great eats, these spots made the biggest splash Read more

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Rick O'Brien

Refined, spirited and eclectic – that sums up 2017's top dining destinations Read more

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Natalia Manzocco

Fast-casual and upscale, meaty and vegan, raucous and restrained — high tides raised all ships in Toronto's dining scene this year Read more


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Natalia Manzocco

When you eat for a living, it takes a lot for a dish to make an impression Read more




Are we mellowing out, Toronto? As this food-conscious town grows ever more consumed with what it eats, it seems like our diners are growing up. Read more

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Modern Japanese, street food snacking and a spot only accessible by elevator Read more

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Michael Watier

The hottest new and notable brunch spots, the classics, diners, high-end joints, vegan & veggie, plus bars with awesome grub Read more

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Nobody said anything about best. These are the restos everyone talks about, the joints du jour where the music is loud and the chef's likely covered in ink. Read more

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