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Samuel Engelking

If we’re going to tackle huge issues like the climate crisis, artistic practice and activism can't be separated anymore Read more

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Our Dance Of Revolution

Courtesy of Hot Docs

Our Dance Of Revolution charts the evolution of activist organizing, from the early 70s to the AIDS crisis in the 80s and Black Lives Matter at the Pride parade Read more

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Samuel Engelking

Dionne Brand, Angela Robertson, Robyn Maynard and Beverly Bain are among queer community activists who have signed an open letter ahead of Pride's AGM today over its decision to allow police back into the parade Read more



Samuel Engelking

Two years after Black Lives Matter-Toronto's seminal protest, it's the question Black, trans and queer people of colour are asking ahead of Pride's annual general meeting next Tuesday (December 4) Read more


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Ethan Eisenberg

It's difficult not to notice how Black people now represent the face of a decision that is harmful to other Black people Read more



Darren Stehr

Maybe it’s time to rebrand Pride as “John Tory and His Cops Pride,” at least we’d know what we were going to Read more


From cinema and visual art to city politics and education, Black Torontonians are taking the reins as agents of our own change Read more


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Samuel Engelking

Cross-country expansion and ­forcing new conversations on ­incarceration and migration are on the group’s agenda for the new year Read more

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School Resource Officer poster - BLMTO


Five community organizers offer insight on how Canada’s largest school board should address safety and inclusion for its most marginalized students Read more

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Latest Ford fiasco illustrates that on issues of race, Tory's own record is one of, at times, dubious distinction Read more

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Any public work produced with the condition of its disappearance should be free and allowed to be disruptive Read more



Desmond Cole

The Canadian Border Services Agency has rescheduled Jamaican mother's deportation for September 21, despite a medical condition prohibiting her from air travel Read more

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Cheol Joon Baek

If the celebration of the radical idea to accept and support the rights and existence of marginalized Canadians is not extended to queer Canadians of all intersections, then what celebration is there to be had? Read more

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Rob Salerno

Pride Toronto should do more to incorporate and promote the voices of equality-seeking groups within our community at the parade and other Pride events Read more

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Ethan Eisenberg

The wave of radicalism sweeping the LGBTQ community has new demographic and class ­foundations Read more

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Ethan Eisenberg

The issue was framed as one of inclusivity, but the idea of inclusivity in the LGBTQ movement has to do with its origin among mostly white, middle-class male activists Read more

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Black community allies have adopted the language of class to define the struggles experienced by young Black people, as if race and class are not so intertwined as to be one thing Read more

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Samuel Engelking

We know what's wrong. You know what's wrong. Politicians and policy makers know what's wrong. More government promises to fight anti-Black racism won't cut it anymore. Read more

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New documentary marking 25th anniversary of protest that exposed racial divide in Toronto asks, "What does it take for Black people to get justice in this society?" Read more



R. Jeanette Martin

In a statement issued in response to chief's remarks earlier today, the Ward 27 councillor says Pride's decision to disinvite police from annual event will likely be met with a threat from the city to revoke funding from the festival Read more


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