Black Lives Matter


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If we’re going to tackle huge issues like the climate crisis, artistic practice and activism can't be separated anymore Read more

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In the book BlackLife, authors Rinaldo Walcott and Idil Abdillahi argue that incremental efforts to combat anti-Black racism won't work Read more


Adaptation of Angie Thomas's YA novel about Black Lives Matter gets all its points across, but could have been more powerful Read more


Richard Rowley's documentary about the killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by a Chicago police officer will infuriate you, even though its story of institutional cover-up is sadly familiar Read more


From Donald Trump and the alt-right movement to police brutality and cyber-bullying, these much-anticipated films promise to examine hot-button Read more

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Calling one a comedy and the other a drama shows how tone deaf the industry is about Black lives Read more

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As part of the curriculum for BLM–TO's Freedom School, the workbook launches today at A Different Booklist Read more

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The Canadian Border Services Agency has rescheduled Jamaican mother's deportation for September 21, despite a medical condition prohibiting her from air travel Read more

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Unfortunately, when it comes to relations between Black people and police, the mayor is not the man of evidence he claims to be Read more


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Yusra Khogali of Black Lives Matter Toronto made no false statements in her National Day of Action Against Islamophobia speech challenging the Prime Minister Read more

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Images zoom in on Black history in Canada and the U.S. Read more




Women March On Washington - Toronto – where over 50,000 marched to support gender equality and human rights – was a major breakthrough Read more

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Within hours of Trump taking office, pages on the White House website that had been devoted to civil rights were replaced with a threat to make life uncomfortable for protesters and end the "dangerous anti-police atmosphere" Read more

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There were approximately 60,000 people out at Saturday's march, which kicked off at Queen's Park, then wound down University Avenue to Toronto City Hall Read more

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Vanessa Samuel

Many organizers with Black Lives Matter – Toronto have heard the phrase “You’ve had a great 2016,” but great years are made from lasting, systemic change, and in that regard we can’t say we’ve had a great year Read more

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For folks in the U.S. determined that there will be no "new normal" under a Trump presidency, it is not enough to be angry Read more

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Among our heroes of the year that was, BLM-TO inspired a new wave of youth-driven activists, shook the city’s conscience on policing and dared anyone to deny that Black lives have been and continue to be devalued Read more

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Darren Anthony's look at the pressures facing Black men is timely but heavy-handed Read more


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The resignation of executive director Mathieu Chantelois offers a big chance to change what's been an adversarial alliance – and make Pride more inclusive Read more

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A recap of the sweltering season's music news and trends in five songs Read more