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The Team Building event, which started at Holy Oak and now takes place at Burdock, encourages vulnerability, experimentation and community-building. Read more


What does Toronto sound like? This year's best local albums, as voted by NOW critics, offered many different ways to hear it Read more

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Samuel Engelking

Before the year's over, there's still big hometown shows from Jessie Reyez, Shad and Lil Berete, plus variety shows, mosh-friendly holiday benefits and much more Read more

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On their upcoming Diversity Tour, Canadian musical acts Bonjay and Too Attached satirize the "inclusive" banner that often obscures pursuits against racism, homophobia and oppression. Read more


Check out our roundup of new Toronto tunes, also featuring Clairmont The Second, Block Univers, NAV and more Read more

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The video, which we're premiering here, features Lido Pimienta, Casey and Jenny Mecija, Bonjay's Alanna Stuart, TiKa, Ansley Simpson and Kamilah Apong Read more


These six genre-blurring artists prove the Toronto Sound is far from singular Read more


Tyler, The Creator

Petra Collins

Tyler, The Creator teams with Vince Staples, D-Beatstro says goodbye and the 80s reunion tour we didn't know we were waiting for – these are the shows NOW critics are looking forward to this month Read more

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Internet Daughter, Bonjay, Sean Leon and more – our latest set of Toronto songs we can't get enough of Read more

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METZ, Cold Specks, Owen Pallett, Dan Burke and more tell us what albums and concerts they can't wait for Read more




A February 20 panel discussion about black artists making stereotype-challenging music is now viewable online Read more