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Lisa Campbell

Complicating matters in Ontario is the fact the Legislature is on summer recess and won’t be back to the business of governing until after new rules go into effect October 17 Read more


Longtime activist was a fearless and compassionate advocate for medical cannabis patients. Read more

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Taking place at Boyd Conservation Park in Vaughan this August, the event will combine bands and cannabis culture, within the limits of the law Read more



R. Jeanette Martin

"Stoner's Christmas" could end up being more like St. Patrick’s Day – a celebration of substance and consumption without being too commercialized Read more



Michelle da Silva

From the 420 smokeout at Woodbine Park to comedy festivals, reggae shows and a film festival, here's where to light a joint on April 20, 2019. Read more


While you (legally) smoke weed in the park or spend the day in line at a cannabis shop, these stoner metal tunes from Toronto will set the tone for your 4/20. Read more


McMaster University launches a course aimed at dispelling myths around marijuana Read more


A common way to decarb cannabis is to grind it up and bake it on low heat, but the NOVA from makes the process easier, cleaner and less smelly Read more


This stylish cannabis accessory is made from hand-blown glass that's tinted purple for spring. Read more



David Duprey

Canopy Growth has joined the National Hockey League Alumni Association to study the potential benefits of cannabinoids in managing the mental health challenges faced by former hockey players Read more


Step up your edibles game with this new cookbook featuring 30 cannabis-infused low-dose recipes Read more



Cheol Joon Baek

As the first cannabis-related union in Ontario, the call centre workers are a part of a bigger labour movement within the growing industry Read more



Courtesy of Hot Docs

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema is catering to cannabis enthusiasts who crave mind-blowing documentaries with a film series called High Minded Read more

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This Canadian cannabis lifestyle company is adding a touch of patriotism to the smoking experience: with Canuck-branded glass and Canadian maple wood. Read more


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Unfortunately, Bill C-93 misses the mark – only full amnesty will address the historical injustices caused by old cannabis laws steeped in racism. To put it simply, we fear different drugs today because we used to fear different people. Read more


Rolling joints as a beginner can be tough, but this tool can help you roll a perfect spliff every time Read more


Even TTC employees who come clean about their medical cannabis use can find themselves reassigned or taken off the job indefinitely Read more


Canadian cannabis accessories brand Verde Vie and Japanese illustrator Moon Bacon team up for this capsule collection featuring pastel-grunge illustrations. Read more



R. Jeanette Martin

Statistics Canada examination reveals that the absence of legal shops in the province is driving consumers back to the illicit market Read more


Feeling tired? Apply this cannabis-infused cream to your wrists and temples for an invigorating boost Read more


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