Only 11 cases have been confirmed by Health Canada, but without a clear understanding of the causes, fear and confusion have filled the air Read more



Lee Hopkins

From pipes to doob tubes, here are 10 smokin' hot pot gifts for the stoner on your list Read more


Mettrum Facilities in Bowmanville

Cheol Joon Baek

Government lawyers are working with the agribusiness lobby to blunt efforts by United Food & Commercial Workers Canada to unionize workers Read more


It will cost you $14, except it’s for a service that local Toronto dealers and illicit dispensaries are already providing for free Read more



There are more than 363,000 registered medical marijuana users in Canada, but only a tiny fraction are using a personal grower Read more

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Former outlaws of the cannabis industry are stoking the next reefer revolution to show consumers what the business of bud could have been – and could still be Read more


Richard Pierpoint

Illustration by Malcolm Jones

Plus, shit-talking Drake, cannabis legalization looks more like commercialization and outrageous Alberta opinions in our latest installment of Letters To The Editor Read more

Letters To The Editor

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Erik Tanner

Revelations surrounding some of the winners have raised questions about loopholes in the system that allow those with financial backing to increase the odds in their favour Read more



Marina Hashemi

Plus, more blowback on cannabis legalization, the media drops the ball on climate action and remembering local music hero Steve Smith in Letters To The Editor Read more

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The city’s concrete barriers have not stopped the unlicensed herb purveyor from plying its trade from makeshift counters set up on the sidewalk outside blocked shops Read more

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Samuel Engelking

The struggle to set the plant free continues Read more

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Samuel Engelking

A friendly guide on pot shops to hit – and miss – in the Big Smoke this summer Read more

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Samuel Engelking

It’s the first summer Canadians can enjoy weed legally, and we've combed our brains for summertime-friendly ways to honour the plant with creativity and gusto Read more


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Erik Tanner

Bylaw officers have taken to barricading the doors of illegal dispensaries with concrete barriers to prevent them from re-opening Read more

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Journey Cannabis & Music Festival, which was set to take place this August, has been abruptly cancelled Read more


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Lisa Campbell

Complicating matters in Ontario is the fact the Legislature is on summer recess and won’t be back to the business of governing until after new rules go into effect October 17 Read more


Longtime activist was a fearless and compassionate advocate for medical cannabis patients. Read more

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Taking place at Boyd Conservation Park in Vaughan this August, the event will combine bands and cannabis culture, within the limits of the law Read more



R. Jeanette Martin

"Stoner's Christmas" could end up being more like St. Patrick’s Day – a celebration of substance and consumption without being too commercialized Read more



Michelle da Silva

From the 420 smokeout at Woodbine Park to comedy festivals, reggae shows and a film festival, here's where to light a joint on April 20, 2019. Read more


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